osu!block 2016

The osu!block 2016 (OB 2016) is an osu! tournament hosted by BlockWorld. It is the 1st installment of the osu!block.


Bragging rights.


Tournament Management BlockWorld
Map Selector Num5119
Statistician BlockWorld










Round of 16



Tournament Rules

  1. Map scoring is based on Score V1.
  2. The beatmaps for each round will be announced by the Map Selector in advance on the Friday before the actual matches take place. Only these will be used during the respective matches.
  3. Match schedule will be settled by Tournament Management.
  4. If no staff or referee is available, the match will be postponed.
  5. Failed player's scores do not count.
  6. Use of the Visual Settings options are allowed.
  7. If the beatmap ends in a draw, the game will be nullified.
  8. If a player disconnects, they get treated as if they failed the beatmap.
    1. Disconnects within 30 seconds are rematched.
  9. Beatmaps cannot be reused in the same match unless the beatmap was nullified.
  10. Lag is not a valid reason to nullify a beatmap.
  11. All players are supposed to keep the match running fluent and without delays. Excessive match delays coming from the player's side can be issued with penalties.
  12. All players and referees must be treated with respect. Instructions of the referees and tournament management is to be followed. Decisions labeled as final are not to be objected.
  13. The maximum rank is 500.

Stage Instructions

Refer to this graphic for the following information.

  1. In the first stage (Round of 16), pairs of participants will compete. The winners of A and B will go to I, the winners of C and D will go to J, the winners of E and F will go to K, and the winners of G and H will go to L.
  2. Rankings of each group are determined by sorting the results of each team's performance in the following priority:
    1. Most matches won.
    2. Have a greater WLR (Win-Lose Ratio).
    3. Most maps won.
    4. Winner of the rematch.
  3. The Round of 16 is not over yet. The winner of the loser of A vs. the loser of B will go to V, the winner of the loser of C vs. the loser of D will go to W, the winner of the loser of E vs. the loser of F will go to X, and the winner of the loser of G vs. the loser of H will go to Y.
  4. In the Quarterfinals, the winners of I and J will go to M, and the winners of K and L will go to N. The winners of V (which now has the loser of L) and W (which now has the loser of K), will go to Z. The winners of X (which now has the loser of J) and Y (which now has the loser of I) will go to AA.
  5. In the Semifinals, the winners of M and N will go to O. The winner of Z will go to AB (which now has the loser of M) and the winner of AA will go to AC (which now has the loser of N.)
  6. In the Finals Week 1, the winners of AB and AC will go to AD. The winner of AD will go to AE (which now has the loser of O.)
  7. In the Finals Week 2, the winner of O will go to P (which now has the winner of AE.) The winner of P wins osu!block 2016.
    1. Winning Conditions:

Match Instructions

  1. A referee will create a multiplayer room.
    1. Room settings are osu!, Win Condition: 'Score.' Room name must be "OB 2016: X vs. Y"
    2. The mentioned X and Y are the two players competing in a match.
  2. Players are free to select up to two warmup beatmaps.
  3. Each player can ban two beatmaps to be selected from the pool. These beatmaps are not allowed to be picked by anyone in the entire match.
    1. Both vetos must always be used.
  4. Beatmap selection will alternate between each player selecting a beatmap out of the map pool.
  5. Each player must use "!roll" once in #multiplayer.
    1. The winner of the !roll starts picking the first beatmap of the match.
    2. The loser of the !roll starts banning two beatmaps.
  6. Results will be kept by BlockWorld, but released on request.

Mappool Instructions

  1. There will be 1 mappool for the Round of 16, 1 mappool for the Quarterfinals, 1 mappool for the Semifinals and 1 mappool for the Finals.
    1. Finals Week 1 & 2 use the same mappool.
  2. Each mappool consists of 5 brackets: NoMod, HardRock, Hidden, DoubleTime, and FreeMod
  3. Each mappool consists of 19 maps in total.
  4. Each mappool has one tiebreaker.
  5. The NoMod bracket will be played with no mods activated.
  6. The Hidden, HardRock, and DoubleTime bracket will be played with the respective mods activated.
  7. The FreeMod bracket will have FreeMod activated. Every individual player can pick Hidden, HardRock or no mod at all.
    1. Players must select one or more maps.
  8. The tiebreaker will be played under FreeMod ideas.
  9. The size of the NoMod bracket will be 6 in all stages.
  10. The size of the mod-specific brackets will be 3 in all stages.

Scheduling Instructions

  1. The matches will take place on weekends, but the schedule is extremely fluid due to a lack of players.
  2. Matches may not overlap.
  3. Scheduling will be held by the Tournament Management.
  4. Players are responsible for their own availability.